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Marlog Automotive Logistics is a subsidiary of Marlog Car Handling, a renowned parent company established in 2000, specializing in vehicle shipping services.

  • Efficient Volume Handling Capability
  • Specialized in container handling
  • Strategic positions, storage solutions
  • Pre-delivery inspection and transportation assistance
  • Worldwide network and reliable partners

From Marlog Car Handling to Marlog Automotive Logistics

Marlog Car Handling > Marlog Europe > Marlog Automotive Logistics

In response to the growing demand for importing vehicles from non-EU countries in Europe, Marlog Europe was established in 2021. Building upon this success, Marlog Automotive Logistics was founded in 2023 to cater to the increasing need for logistics solutions from international manufacturers, dealers, and distributors of vehicles.

Strategically Located in the Netherlands

Cost-Effective Vehicle Storage Solutions

Headquartered in Roosendaal, the Netherlands, Marlog Automotive operates its storage facility in Tilburg, strategically located away from the congested Rotterdam port area where many of our competitors are situated. This advantageous positioning enables us to maintain low vehicle storage costs without compromising on speed, quality, and flexibility.

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Overseas Vehicle Shipping

Expertise and Tailored Solutions for Vehicle Logistics

Meeting Market Demands with Precision

With years of expertise in vehicle shipping, transportation, and temporary storage, Marlog Automotive possesses the knowledge, experience, and extensive network to meet the demands of the market. We understand the intricate requirements of our clients and are well-equipped to provide tailored solutions that ensure efficient and secure handling of their valuable assets.

Customer Satisfaction as Our Priority

Personalized and Reliable Logistics Services

At Marlog Automotive, we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering personalized and reliable services to our clients, ensuring a seamless experience throughout the entire logistics process. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, proactive communication, and adherence to industry-leading standards, ensuring that each client receives the utmost care and support.

Value-Added Services
Specialized in Vehicle Transport for the Automotive Industry

Your Trusted Partner for Logistics

Streamlining Operations for Automotive Success

Whether you are a vehicle manufacturer, dealer, or distributor, Marlog Automotive is your trusted partner for comprehensive logistics solutions. We go above and beyond to streamline your operations, optimize supply chains, and ensure timely delivery, helping you succeed in the competitive automotive industry.

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